Ray Of Hope Counselling Services


Fertility Counselling

Counselling support is provided during and after fertility treatments for related issues: stress, coping, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and anger. Individuals and couples are often faced with challenging decisions during the fertility journey, counselling can assist in making informed decisions.  Psychosocial Assessments completed for Third-Party reproduction and counselling sessions for egg donors, sperm donors, intended parents, or surrogates as well as their partners, in preparation for assisted reproduction as required by a fertility clinic or lawyer.  Further counselling available for traumatic loss through miscarriage or unsuccessful attempts. Post-partum concerns may be addressed as the need arises. 


Individuals and Couples

Therapy in the following: anxiety, depression, anger, grief/bereavement, addiction, stress and coping, dementia and caregiving challenges, long-term care planning, interpersonal challenges, and work related issues.  A client centred, collaborative approach is utilized. 


Group Facilitation

Fertility Support 

Bereavement Support 

Caregiver Support